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Playing the Game of Life Mini-camp & Open House

End this summer Playing the Game of Life!

Minicamp August 16th to 20th

OPEN HOUSE Monday, August 16th

For children ages 5 to 7 and 8 to 13 years old

The beginning of the school year is around the corner. Help your childre be better prepared to overcome their challenges and responsibilites.

Om’echaye and Playing the Game of Life (PGL) are teaming up to offer you an innovative minicamp full of fun, where children will enjoy different activities while learning to work with the stress and pressures they may face during the school year, with peers and/or at home.

Children will explore the magic of the arts, taste the flavor of adventure and learn how to live in harmony with others. They will experience and learn about healthy living as they discover the benefits of eating organic whole foods without pesticides and additives.

Playing the Game of Life’s minicamp includes Creative Movement, Dance, Fitness, Environmental Art, Nutritional Education and Organic Cooking, Music, Team Building and Trust Exercises, and Stress Reduction Techniques. Participants will also enjoy an unforgettable adventure such as kayaking/biking at Oleta River Park.

PGL’s minicamp is offered Monday through Friday from 9am to 1pm at Om’echaye.

A healthy snack and drink will be provided, but children must bring lunch.

To learn more about Playing the Game of Life program visit

Monday, August 16th from 10:00 – 11:00 AM


Fitness Program

PGL’s Fitness program is an energetic and fun program that combines a cardio workout with multi-functional strength, power, balance, and flexibility exercises. We challenge each participant to work to his/her full capability, while building confidence and self-esteem. Both the athletically inclined child and the sedentary child will benefit greatly from these classes.

Parent & Me Program

This program combines the beauty of yoga with the power of music. Babies and toddlers willexercise the body, stretch, relax and at thesame time discover sounds, create songs, clap and explore rhythms and music. Mothers will enjoy how their children learn new skills and explore the world while finding a beautiful way to bond with them — heart to heart. This interactive program includes live music, guitar, flutes, percussion instruments, the creation of instruments, games, object exploration, movement, joy, laughter, fun and wonderful new surprises every time.

Filmaking/Claymation Program

Claymation is the art of making clay figures move, talk, sing, dance or whatever your imagination wants it to do. This program invites you to create figures, molded from clay, and is then used to tell a story. Using a video camera, children create the frames to produce a “mini-film”.