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The Social Skills are the SEEDS we plant in the lives of thousands…

Playing the Game of Life (PGL) is a turn-key, (w)holistic * approach to teaching social skills through an arts-based curriculum.  It is designed to expose, inspire, and guide participants in a creative and interactive way.  It uses the arts for instilling the intrinsic values necessary to promote the development of peaceful and effective communication and relationships.

PGLs philosophy and approach is progressive and trendsetting.  It is offered to children, adolescents and adult groups.**

Participants have the opportunity to enjoy learning about themselves and the world around them, by acquiring social skills and life-long wellness.

PGL℠ is a complete social-emotional learning experience. The program uses different tools such as Positive Communication and Life Skills℠, Career Discovery and Exploration, Stress Reduction, Creative Movement, Rhythmic Art, Performance Art, Fine Arts and Filmmaking, Nutritional Education and Organic Cooking and Conscious Discipline® to carry out its mission.

The program educates the participants in positive conflict resolution, anti-bullying, stress reduction techniques, expression of feelings, self esteem building, self-awareness and self control.  It also focuses on character building attributes such as respect, positive communication, leadership, team building, anti-bullying and the importance of healthy lifestyle choices.

*The curriculum addresses the physical, emotional, mental, creative, and social aspects of the individual.
** Customizable and adaptable programs deliverable to all ages.