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The PGL curriculum is the NOURISHMENT for the seeds instilled in the participants.

When different TOOLS are integrated, we CULTIVATE a more complete learning experience.

It is our sincere endeavor to provide a knowledge base that addresses the affective aspects of every learner. From mind, heart, body to spirit, the Playing the Game of Life℠ curriculum seeks to meet the needs of young people and change lives…one heart at a time!

Positive Communication and Life Skills℠ (PCLS℠) components of the Playing the Game of Life℠ (PGL℠) (w)holistic turn-key curriculum can be utilized to empower young people to build and improve self esteem, self awareness, leadership, listening skills, creativity, individuality, and cooperation. Instructors guide participants through modeling and interaction by providing explicit instruction in areas such as team building, positive communication and how to listen and speak from the heart, conflict resolution, kindness and compassion, trust, and inner peace.  The lessons will strengthen their ability to live more fulfilled lives with compassion and connectedness, and have a constructive impact on how they make their way in the world personally and professionally.