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Conscious Discipline® is a social-emotional intelligence program developed by award-winning author Dr. Becky Bailey. It empowers parents and teachers to draw from within to become proactive instead of reactive in disciplining movements.

This internationally-recognized program is based on current brain research, child development information, and developmentally appropriates practices. It is designated to successfully change adults’ habits in order to change the lives of children.

  Conscious Discipline © empowers teachers with the 7 Powers for Self-control:
  1. Perception 5. Love
  2. Unity 6. Acceptance
  3. Attention 7. Intention
  4. Free Will  
  These powers allow teachers to:

  • Draw from within themselves to become proactive instead of reactive in conflict.
  • Stay in control of themselves and in charge of children.
  • Consciously increase emotional intelligence of teachers, child caregivers & parents.
  • Self-control: the ability to reach out and empathize with others, and embrace conflict as a teaching experience.
  From the seven Powers for Self-control emerge the 7 Basic Skills of Discipline. These skills promote a peaceful inner state in children. From these states, children are free to learn, cooperate and help each other to be successful.
  1. Composure 5. Positive Intent
  2. Encouragement 6. Empathy
  3. Assertiveness 7.Consequences
  4. Choices
  Teachers who draw upon the 7 Powers for Self Control and use the 7 Basic Skills of Discipline create a classroom climate that models the 7 Essential Life Values and teach children the 7 Social Skills
  7 Life Values 7 Social Skills
  1. Integrity 1.Anger Management
  2. Interdependence 2. Helpfulness (kindness, sharing)
  3. Respect 3. Assertiveness
  4. Empowerment 4. Impulse Control
  5. Diversity 5. Cooperation
  6. Compassion 6. Empathy
  7. Responsibility 7. Problem Solving