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Yoga for mothers and others …


Lauren Silver, who is in her second pregnancy, she found a haven for stress and for their aches and pains.

The refuge is a prenatal yoga class that comes on Wednesdays at the Yoga Institute of Broward given by Elizabeth Bonet.

“I like this yoga,” said Silver, 30 and a resident of Weston, who is expecting her second child in June. “I’m upset if I can not take the class.”

It may seem strange to see a pregnant woman swinging around their yoga mats, stretching his arms and legs, or hold positions of yoga with their protruding bellies. But those exercises are exactly what the mothers say they need while their bodies are changing every day.

“We practice different positions and breathing techniques,” said Silver. “I feel better at night after I went to my yoga class. I’ve done stretching and I feel more comfortable. “

There is a yoga class for every mother and every age in the counties of Broward and Miami-Dade-gilt either facing the pains of pregnancy, a mother who gave birth and wants to bond with her infant son, or an elderly mother, who wants an hour of stretching and relaxation for herself.

Bonet, who is a yoga instructor for Silver, said his classes are effective because they help a mother to strengthen her body.

“The emphasis is to get in touch with their bodies. Yoga Positions prepare the muscles and the pelvis of a woman to give birth, “says Bonet, who teaches yoga since 2000. “The students learn how to reduce pain during childbirth through breathing and relaxation of muscles.”

The students learn of these classes by other students or through The sessions are offered Bonet eight weeks. Pregnant women, start school, sometimes as early as eight weeks and kept them until they give birth.

Silver said the class offers a camaraderie that is hard to find elsewhere.

“It’s great to be in a class with other pregnant women and to express certain things,” said Silver.

In Miami-Dade, DeAnna Alvarez teaches a popular prenatal yoga class Yoga Studio Corpo, facing the Dadeland Mall in Kendall.

Denise Padilla Defont, who took the class to give birth, said the prenatal yoga gave him a way to keep in touch with your body and having a link with the baby growing inside her.

“It also helped me keep my stress to a manageable level,” said Defont, 35 and living in Miami. “I have my baby in the house in one of the positions I learned in class.”

Now that her daughter is two years old Ananda, Karina Maggioni opted for a mother and child class called Yoga music at the center called The Playing the Game of Life Center [Centre Playing the Game of Life], in Miami Beach.

Maggioni, 37, resident of Miami Beach, credited to the instructor, Cynthia Zak-Preuss, to find ways to become closer to her and her daughter, Ananda Mattei, through music, storytelling and stretching.

Zak-Preuss drumming, guitar, tambourine and flute during the one hour class. Guide the class through different songs and positions. Mothers and children flit like butterflies, lie quiet as a snake or cobra position stretching from side to side like the pendulum of a clock.

“Children see moms making positions. They see that a mother is one that will be flexible and to care for them no matter what it is, “said Zak, Pruess.

Maggioni explained it this way: “While we are at peace, they [the children] are at peace. The class makes me feel more relaxed and feel more relaxed with my daughter. “

In East Kendall, another mother-daughter pair also permeates through weekly yoga class on Saturday morning at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Miami.

Mirza Collazo, 56, resident in East Kendall, began to attend yoga classes from Berkeley about a year ago with her daughter, Nicole, 21.

“I heard about the class by my massage therapist,” Mirza said Collazo, who teaches mathematics at the Academy of Our Lady of Lourdes. “I had a lot of tension in my neck and lower back. Yoga helps me to work these areas and relieve stiffness. “

Mother and daughter are helping each other with the positions of rolling and stretching.

“We started doing some yoga positions during the week,” said Collazo, a student at the University of Miami.

Berkley said her class returns some mothers, who spend most of their time worrying about the needs of your family.

“Moms have more stress than others. Yoga has a soothing and calming. It’s the perfect balance of a noisy house, “said Berkley.

As for the physical benefits, Berkley said that yoga increases strength and energy levels, improves circulation and releases endorphins that improve mood.

“Even if you do it for 10 to 15 minutes, you feel a difference,” he added.

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