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Playing the Game of Life℠ (PGL℠) is an innovative, (w)holistic * approach to teaching social skills through an arts-based curriculum.

PGL℠ is a complete social-emotional learning experience that uses different tools such as Positive Communication and Life Skills, Yoga, Drumming, Ballet, Guitar, Keyboard, Vocals, Fine Arts, Ceramic, Jewelry Making, Gardening, Nutritional Education and Organic Cooking and Speech Therapy services to carry out its mission.

The program educates the participants in positive conflict resolution, anti-bullying, stress reduction techniques, expression of feelings, self esteem building, self-awareness and self control.  It also focuses on character building attributes such as respect, positive communication, leadership, team building, anti-bullying and the importance of healthy lifestyle choices.

PGL℠ brings social, emotional, physical, well-being, academic and mental benefits to the children.  It is offered through pres-school, schools and out of school programming; weekend adventure retreats for all ages; workshops for private and public schools, parents and caregivers, families, young adults, elderly and community service opportunities.

The programs are offered to the public in the new center located at 7144 Byron Avenue, Miami Beach, Florida.  PGL programs are also delivered at Happy Kids Learning Center, North Beach Elementary, Fantasyland Learning Center, Happy Children of Overtown, City of Miami Beach Teen Club, North Shore Youth Center and Temple Israel.

Since the arts expose, inspire and guide all people in a creative and interactive way, when looked at from a therapeutic perspective, the arts are also commonly used to help children suffering from a wide range of psychological and learning disorders, and physical disabilities.

PGL℠ was created in 2006 and is currently directed by Jeannette Blanca Egozi, President of Education Communication eQuanimity Consciousness (ECQC).  This company, founded in 2004, is a pioneer in developing quality alternative and (w)holistic programming. Egozi is a Certified Mental Health Professional, an Internationally Certified Stress Management Consultant, earned a Peace Mediation Certificate from the University of Spiritual Healing and Sufism, is a Teacher, and has a Masters in Speech Language Pathology.